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Put yourself in the world of harry potter, play as the cast and make up a new story, you can fall in love with who ever, here we dont follow the books unless you want to.
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 Ivy White's start

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PostSubject: Ivy White's start   Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:41 pm

Ivy was born to a wealthy wizard family however they had already had a daughter before Ivy was born and they didnt want another they wanted a son not a daughter so they left her somewhere in winter. She was found by dumbledor and taken to a wizard family that had just lost their child. Both where blonde and had blue eyes but she never suspected that they were not her real parents. At age five she started showing signs of being a witch as she got older she came in contact with other wizard families. At age 9 years old she came in contact with the Malfoy family not really Lusius Malfoy but Draco his son. Over those two years she became friends with Draco but his dad didnt like it. Draco was there the day she got her letter he was a little suprised she was a witch since the lady that raised him was a muggle and the other was a wizard. However he was also a little non suprised. Ivy had long black hair and black/grey eyes she always wore a green witch dress and a black witches hat but Draco thought she just liked dressing that way cause she wanted to and she did. Now she has arrived at Diagon Alley with her Kitten given to her by her parents. That is where her story begins.
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Ivy White's start
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